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What services do you offer?

  • Résumé Preparation

  • Cover Letters

  • Reference Sheets

  • Executive Biographies

  • Job Search Coaching

  • Interview Preparation

  • Company Research

  • LinkedIn Profiles

  • Social Media Development

  • Strategy coaching.

Priced according to projected hours. Call for a consultation. 
Cover letters are written in a reusable format to enable customizing for multiple opportunities.

Business Meeting





Imagine you hear through the career grapevine that a peer has been recruited to their company's competition, leaving a vacancy. It's your DREAM JOB at a company that would be the pinnacle of your career.


You WANT that job!

However, you also know that there will be a very short list of candidates that will qualify for this role—and the competition will be fierce!

Executive Résumés

As a seasoned professional in your industry, it is imperative that your résumé PROVE your capabilities by documenting a long history of ACTIONS and RESULTS.


Failing to present the right information in the right way could seriously cost you—not only your dream executive position but also the salary increase, the benefits, the prestige, and the career positioning that comes along with it.

Our executive résumés leverage formatting and phrasing to specifically highlight your core contributions in a way that demonstrates an executive level of capability and leadership.


Using the most advanced formatting strategies, we "carry" the reader along a carefully calculated process of discovery that delivers the exact details needed to effectively screen you IN as a serious and viable top candidate for the position. 

Additionally, we use industry and job-specific phrasing crafted from a solid understanding of the psychology behind marketing, sales, and copywriting. This phrasing builds affinity, credibility, and confidence in your ability to excel in your target positions, thereby increasing your chances of winning that first, second and FINAL interview.




Email your current résumé for a FREE, no-obligation critique to 

Liz @

Or call 405-213-1200

Business Conference

Professional Résumés

So, you've found the perfect position to boost your career to that next level. You eagerly upload your résumé and cover letter to the online application form and click "submit."


Then you wait ... and you wait ... and you wait some more. Weeks turn into months, yet you've heard nothing. 


The Problem:

​What you may not realize is that at the professional level, there is a much larger pool of applicantsThis means you are fighting for a position against, sometimes, hundreds of other candidates. So how do you compete?

Time is critical. You're missing paychecks and you need answers NOW.

The Fix:

It is imperative that your résumé stand out to rapidly grab the attention of the hiring manager, demonstrate capabilities that are directly in line with the open position, and EFFECTIVELY BEAT THE COMPETITION.

Our résumés are actually marketing documents that actively "sell" your skills and capabilities in a way that will translate to your future employer's success.


This is key! The hiring manager MUST see that you are more capable than your competition at accomplishing the requirements of the position effectively, efficiently, and with the company's profitability in mind. When this happens, you win interviews! 



Email your current résumé for a FREE, no-obligation critique to 

Liz @

Or call 405-213-1200

In a Meeting

Entry-Level & Student Résumés

Get a foot in the door! 

Need a job or internship, but you don't have any experience? No idea where to start? Don't worry. 

Although having little or no experience does create unique challenges, there are steps you can take to land an excellent internship or first-time job!

It's all about setting yourself apart from your competition and highlighting the skill sets that will enable you to "get your foot in the door." ​

The competition is fierce at this level with hiring managers receiving as many as 200 résumés for any single job posting. 

As an entry-level job seeker, you and I will work together to create a "package" of what you have to offer. This is the beginning of the branding process and will be one of the most important tools in launching your professional career. 

Throughout this process, you will learn the fundamentals of personal branding and how to launch an effective job search, which will help you in winning every new job you get for the rest of your life!



Email your current résumé for a FREE, no-obligation critique to 

Liz @

Or call 405-213-1200

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