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XLR8 Industrial Recruiting
Industrial Manufacturing - O&G - Oilfield Services
Mid-to-Executive-Level Sales, Account Management & Operations Professionals

COVID challenges continue ...

Whether you're an executive with the weight of your company on your shoulders,​ a front-line field worker trying to bring in revenues, or one of the many thousands of industrial and O&G workers navigating through the new uncertain landscape of Covid ... 


You are facing difficult decisions.

As some of the hardest-hit industries, manufacturing and O&G companies are still working hard right now to rebuild amidst pandemic variants and global supply chain concerns. 


And with the loss of so many critically-trained staff when the layoffs happened, companies are scrambling now to snatch up the best talent before they're recruited by the competition.


​That means YOU have to be ready! 

Ready to hire ...

Or ready to be hired.

Aluminum Factory
At XLR8 Industrial, we help both candidates and companies get back to work.

For companies, we help you:


- Grow & Protect Revenues

- Increase operational efficiency

​- Save time​ and money


By sourcing top-performing candidates who are:


- Proven contributors


- Experts in their industries


​​- Fearlessly determined to win

Reach out to us.


​If you are an executive, director, or HR manager planning your hiring strategy, give us a call. We're no-pressure, completely confidential, and focused on helping you.

We're also using our extensive network of operations and sales leaders to bring you critical insights on:

- Driving profitability and market share

- Exceeding customer expectations for quality

- Resolving operational inefficiencies

​If you are a candidate searching for your next position or an outstanding sales or operations professional open to hearing about great opportunities ... 

Then email us. Send your résumé and let's talk.


Your information is completely confidential.

We're also developing resources to help you:

-   Create a résumé that stands up to your competition.

-   Know how to brand yourself for your target market.

-   Excel with networking and during interviews.

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