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"The difference between night and day" 

Thank you SO MUCH for all your help!  Anyone else that needs help...I'm sending your way.   OMG!    It has been the difference between night and day dealing with you versus some of the other firms.  I can't say enough nice things.

- Holly

"Such beautiful documents"

​Hey Liz!!

All I can say is that I am truly happy that I have had you to teach me all these things! I will for sure keep you updated on how everything goes. I cannot stress to you how much I have enjoyed this experience with you ... Thank you times a million!! You have done such a fantastic job and took time to produce such beautiful documents. Thank you SO much!

- Victoria

"New job offer within a week"


​Liz, Everything is great! ... I got a new job offer within a week of uploading the LinkedIn profile you made for me! Thank you so much! I'll be a reference for you anytime. Call me when you can so I can thank you in person. ... Feel free to use anything from my voice mail as a testimonial. My new role is an account executive for ****. Thanks again!

- Joey

​ "My own Jiminy Cricket"

​Good Morning Liz,


Thank you for everything and for the great job that you have done with my resume, cover letter, and references. I read over everything you stated in your email and I will do as you have advised. You are very detailed and I have learned a lot from you and I believe that will stand me in good stead as I go along this new journey. I have felt like I had my own Jiminy Cricket.


Liz, Thank you sooooooooo much!!! Thank you for all of your hard work. I will never ever forget you. I will not let you me grow!!!! 

- Tony 

"You took so much time to assist me"



Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule last Friday to discuss my resume and future possibilities.  I really appreciate the fact you took so much time to assist me with some needed changes to my resume. 

- Charles 


"Someone out there is interested"


​Liz, Thank you so much for returning my phone call this afternoon. It really made me smile to know that someone out there is interested in my situation, and for you to take up the time that you did with me speaks volumes!!  

- David


"Hope you don't spoil all of your clients"


​I hope you don’t spoil all your clients like you do me. You're taking such good care of me. 

- Carl


​"No one has ever mentioned ..."




Ya know, it's funny.  I've worked with many recruiters and had my resume reviewed by several people over the past 5 months, and no one has ever mentioned anything about it possibly being outdated.  Thanks!

- Kevin​

"You truly are a God-send"


​Dear Liz,

Thank you again a million times over!  You truly are a God-send!  May He bless you richly for your kindness and generosity!  I do not know what tomorrow (or next week) will bring, but I trust and have faith in you.  Thank you.  

- Tasha​


"I felt much better about my job search after we talked!


Thank you so much for spending so much of your time with me Friday.  I really enjoyed our conversation and appreciated the great advice you gave me.  I truly felt much better about my job search after we talked!

- Andrea

"You have gone way beyond the call of duty"


​Liz, thanks for all your input & help.  I really appreciate it.  You have gone way beyond the call of duty. 

- Todd

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