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Times Have Changed.

Never in history.


If you are in the employment, training, or education industry and need to capture, engage, and retain your target audience ...


... then you need bull's-eye content that will grab and keep your reader's attention.


There's never been a time like this before. 


COVID has forced us into our caves, away from the outside world, and right to our computers.

As a direct result of the pandemic, 90% of respondents in a Pew Research Center poll reported that the internet is now "essential."


Ninety percent!!

In this day and age, content is king. But creating content is extremely time-consuming. And writing for the employment industry is unique with many different market segments. 

You must know precisely who your market audience is,

and what your objectives for the content are.

Are you reaching out to senior executives for recruitment of a key operations position?

- You need a more sophisticated tone with language specific to their current role as well as the language of their "vision" and how you can help them attain it.


Are you targeting mid-level professionals who want to advance their career by taking courses for certification?  - Your content should address the frustrations of their current situation while building excitement for the doors your program will open. 


Or maybe you want to capture the attention of upcoming graduates for STEM internships with a goal of hiring top performers.

- You'll want to harness their momentum and drive to get started in their next phase of life and show them what you have to offer.


You need a content creator that:

1. Knows your market.

2. Understand's their pain points, fears, and hopes.

3. Can communicate your ability to resolve those pains and deliver their hopes.

You need copy and content that get results!

I can help you.


As an AWAI-trained copywriter, I write content that employs time-tested and proven strategies to increase response to your direct, social media, and web-based marketing campaigns.

Experienced in both B2B and B2C marketing, I have worked in the career industry since 1999, serving as a recruiter, staffing professional, résumé writer, and career coach.

I've worked across the board in nearly every industry segment.

What does that mean for you?

It means the competition fighting against you for your reader's attention is astronomical. So, why will they stick with you?

If your content isn't completely relevant, consistent, and highly informative, they won't.

 Your online presence and ability to engage your market has never mattered more than it does ... RIGHT NOW!

Although I am still waiting for my NASA astronaut client, I can definitely help your campaigns take off!

YOUR market has been MY market for more than 20 years.

I am intimately aware of not only the fears, struggles, and desires of your individual audience members but also their hopes and aspirations. I specialize in writing content that engages your market with curiosity and immediately resonates with them personally, delivering trusted solutions in accomplishing their deepest goals.

What does this mean for you? … Results!


How can I help you grow faster?

I would love to discuss your current or upcoming project to see how I can help you reach your goals.

I write content for a variety of mediums, including:

Digital (websites, landing pages, blogs, social media, case histories/testimonials, course descriptions, course catalogs, fundraising, mobile, direct email, campaign marketing, search engine, e-commerce, e-books, and display advertising)

Print (direct mail letters, brochures, white papers, magazine/newspaper articles, fundraising, and press releases).

Contact me today for a free, no-obligation estimate on your project.

Or, if you’d prefer, ask me for my free copywriting information kit and I will send it to you immediately.

Thanks for submitting!

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